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With over 50,000 classes under our belt, a network of 250+ teachers and nearly 100,000 happy customers, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be a great yoga instructor and thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our approach to yoga teaching training is aligned perfectly with our overall brand values

We’re practical people – we ground everything we do in reality. We question what others might assume and we deliver what’s practically required to achieve the desired results in the optimum way.

We respect the past while embracing the future – we’re humbled by the thousands of years of yoga tradition that’s come before us, but are focussed on ensuring that it stays totally relevant today and in the future.

Our yoga teacher training

Our aim is to take people who are passionate about yoga and turn them into great yoga teachers with promising yoga careers ahead.

  • All 2019 dates below!

  • London based

  • £2,500 (+VAT) for the whole qualification (no hidden extras)

  • Full 200hr Vinyasa Flow YTT (you will be a fully qualified yoga teacher at the end of the course)

  • Led by Nick Higgins (Hotpod co-founder) and Charlie Morgan (Hotpod senior teacher)

Meet our Lead Teachers

Nick Higgins

One half of Hotpod Yoga’s founding duo, Nick’s been teaching yoga for 6 years and has lead workshops worldwide with a particular focus on assists, adjustments and teaching style. In charge of developing and managing the quality of teaching across Hotpod Yoga worldwide, he has helped hundreds of teachers develop their teaching technique and effectively bring their personality across in their classes. Nick’s approach to teaching epitomises what Hotpod’s all about – a down-to-earth accessibility, high on impact (both mental and physical) and a good bit of fun.

Charlie Morgan

Charlie has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has been teaching in London for the last 6 years across a range of top yoga centres and corporations, private one-to-ones and sportsmen, such as the Harlequins rugby team. As well as teaching in London, Charlie travels the world leading retreats whilst incorporating her life coaching qualification into her classes. Charlie’s classes are innovative and tailored to the individual, with a key eye on alignment, synchronisation of movement and breath as well as being fun and creative! In 2018 Charlie took on on a permanent role at Hotpod Yoga as Lead Teacher, this includes leading our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Charlie is also qualified in yin and pregnancy yoga.

2019 Training Dates

Weekender Course Option #1:
  • July - Nov 2019
  • Week 1: 8th - 14th July
  • Weekends: 2nd-4th Aug, 30th Aug-1st Sept, 27th-29th Sept
  • Week 2: 8th - 16th Nov
Month Intensive Course Option #1:
  • 30th Sept - 2nd Nov, inclusive
  • x5 five-day weeks (Mon-Fri)
  • Final week is 6 days (Mon-Sat)

Why HPY Teacher Training?

There are loads of teacher trainings out there and lots of them are great! So, rather than starting another great yoga teacher training course in the same mould as the others, we’ve decided to approach it in a genuinely different way. We’ll of course cover every critical element necessary to give you a solid and rich yoga foundation, but we also want to go above and beyond what you might expect.

We prepare people to become great teachers, not spiritual preachers, wellness gods/goddesses or enlightened gurus. We’ve used our experience managing tens of thousands of classes, hundreds of teachers and nearly 40 yoga businesses to build a teacher training that is built to help people teach. Here’s a few insights to our approach:

Learnings and expertise from outside the world

We use learnings and expertise from outside the world of yoga to enhance our teachers’ skills. These include the following areas:

Performance and public speaking – the world of business and theatre helps us learn about dealing with nerves and performing under pressure.

The human body – the world of sports and medicine helps us take a practical look at what we’re made up of.

Customer experience – retail expertise helps us understand how to build customer relationships, read body language and deal with difficult people!

Brand and marketing – communications experts help us teach you how to market yourself and build a brand to help you achieve what you want to achieve in your teaching career.

We embrace design & technology

We’re a visual brand that embraces technology and design to enhance learning – we won’t be loading you up with photocopies from ancient textbooks, we’ll provide you with beautiful, easy-to-digest materials for you to refer back to for life as well as immerse yourself in during the course.

We give practical experience

We give people teaching experience while they learn. Students will be teaching from the start of the course to the end – starting small and growing as we go on. Teaching is a fast learning curve if you’re thrust into the fore – so that’s just what we intend to do.

Actual teaching is our focus

We cover all bases, ensuring a strong foundation across all the key pillars of yoga tradition and history but we focus predominantly on what’s practically important to be a great teacher.

Free yoga!

You can come to classes on the house – as part of the course, you’ll be getting involved in a range of classes from across the yoga spectrum but as well as that you’ve got unlimited Hotpod classes during your studies.

HPY Teacher Training Graduates

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We offer Teacher training at Hotpod HQ in London, UK, but also have courses in Pretoria, South Africa.